Tarot Card Readings by Hope Destiny

Online Tarot Readings by Hope Destiny

3 Tarot Card Personal Reading Personal 3 Card Reading  ~ a personal 3 card reading that reveals the secrets of your life £2
Tarot reading, glimpse into the future Destiny Tarot Reading ~ a 3 card glimpse into the future £2
have a question answered by the Tarot Cards Have a question answered ~ a 3 card read to help answer any questions you may have £2
5 Card Relationship Reading ~ a look at the strengths, weaknesses, realities and happiness of the relationship and providing you with the key to the future. £5
8 Card Birthday spread ~ is used to help you plot a course toward achieving a goal before your next birthday. It tells you where you are at right now and how to evaluate what happened previously. Book now to find out what this year may bring. £7
12 card life spread tarot reading 12 Card Reading ~ a 12 Card Life Spread Reading Into Each Area Of Your Life £10

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About Me
Hi I’m Hope Destiny; I am professional tarot card reader. The Tarot can reveal the secrets of your future and answer questions about the present. Love, family, luck, money, career and the tarots deeper secrets are all here for you. With my help we can together explore all of the tarots mysteries. A tarot reading is the perfect way to unlock a new dimension of your life.
What my clients say
Mrs E Lawrence – “Thank you for my reading, it was very accurate”

Miss C Smith - “Fab readings! A lot of information was given; I will definitely have more readings with you in the future!”

Miss L Cooper – “Great Reading”

Mrs M McDonald – “Thank you for my reading, it was spot on”

Miss L R Hailey – “Thank you so much for my reading, absolutely spot on! It made so much sense. Thank you”

Miss S Smyth – “I got picked for a free reading, which I am over the moon with; the reading was excellent, the details were amazing. Thank you so much”

Miss K Skelton – “Thanks so much, my reading was perfect”

Ms J Godfrey – "Thank you for my reading, it was very good”

Mrs L Younger – “Thank you so much for my reading, I can relate to everything you said. Absolutely brilliant!”

Miss S J Robingson – “I would just like to thank you to Hope Destiny for my reading. The last 2 cards are spot on! Thanks again.”

Mr T McCool - “I just had a reading and I must say it was very detailed and accurate. There were some very specific messages which are true and very relevant to me. I look forward to seeing how it transpires. I highly recommend Hope Destiny.”

Mrs M Bebbington – “Just had a reading, it was very good and specific. I look forward to how it appears in the future. Thank you”

Mrs D Raven – “Thank you for taking time our to do my reading, it was very helpful and very positive. Highly recommended”

Email: tarot@hopedestiny.co.uk             Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HopeDestinyTarotReadings/

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